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Owners of the pig farms that supplies the raw material “IBERIAN PIG”, we have full control of the value chain, enhancing all the critical points (feeding, life cycle, slaughter and cutting) until the final product: HIGH QUALITY IBERIAN HAMS AND SAUSAGES.

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Natural feeding of the Iberian pig

Traceability (from farm to table), safety and hygiene, artisanal production and optimal quality-price, are the key concepts in the management of the raw material and production of EMJAMESA IBÉRICOS.

Certified company

EMJAMESA IBÉRICOS has the Calicer certification according to Royal Decree 1469/2007 with nº PI / 0225/05, having TRACEABILITY (from the farm to the table) as one of their stengths.

Traceability advantages

Through the traceability system that is implanted, they make a continuous tracing of all the production, transformation and distribution stages of the products. Linking this with the traceability of their farms (farm “Las Rozas”), it offers the possibility to make stronger all the key points of their whole production, detection of possible incidents and even the historic reconstruction of a product until its initial stage, the farms.

All these factors make EMJAMESA IBÉRICOS be able to ensure an optimal and maximum quality of their products to the final consumer.


100% natural origin products, without gluten or dairy

En Emjamesa gestionamos el ciclo completo desde la producción hasta la venta. Todos nuestros productos tienen un origen 100% natural y están libres de gluten y lactosa.

EMJAMESA IBÉRICOS ensures the optimal and maximum quality of their products to the final consumer.

Emjamesa Ibéricos

Calle de los Alarifes
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